Refrigerated vs Non Refrigerated Probiotics

Are you familiar with the term probiotics? Probiotics are micro-organisms found in supplements and food that help us to improve our health by providing us with a number of health benefits and also by boosting our immune system. They help fight and prevent many diseases and  illnesses. Probiotics helps restoring levels of gastrointestinal micro-flora or “good bacteria” which has been compromised from antibiotics, medication, poor diet, stress, and digestive abnormalities.

There are two different kinds of probiotics; refrigerated probiotics and the non-refrigerated probiotics.

Refrigerated probiotics

refrigerated probioticsRefrigerated probiotics are probiotics that are kept in a refrigerator for better use and better results. It is believed that their potency will be intact if they are kept in the refrigerator and at good temperature. However, if they are not kept in the fridge, their potency will go down with time and they might prove to be less effective when you make use of them.

Keep in mind when you get them from a store, you are unaware for how long these probiotics have been kept out on the shelf. They might have been kept there for months and you will end up making the wrong choice by opting for these products. Unaware of this, you might buy them and if they have kept at the room temperature they might have lost their potency and may have become less effective.

Therefore, by getting refrigerated products you will ensure that the products are safe and effective as compared to the non-refrigerated probiotics as they might not be that strong.

Non-Refrigerated Probiotics

As the name suggests itself, non-refrigerated probiotic are probiotics that are capable of being stored at a room temperature and you do not have to keep them refrigerated once you purchase them. They are far more convenient in comparison and are therefore preferred by the people as they do not have to face the trouble of keeping them refrigerated. Majority of these products have the ability to stay intact even at room temperature.

Now that we are familiar with both the kinds of probiotics, let us consider them both in order to identify the better one for your need and requirement.

Like mentioned earlier, probiotics are microorganisms that allow you to boost your immune system and fight and prevent several diseases with their intake. However, these microorganisms may only stay intact if they are able to survive and stay in the product before their use. This is only possible if these probiotics are well refrigerated!

You might be surprised to know that many non-refrigerated probiotics consists of bacteria from many other things kept in their surroundings therefore; it may be a safer option to make use of probiotics that are refrigerated! This will ensure that you are getting a product that will not further affect your health instead of improving it.

So this was all about the two kinds of probiotics that you will mostly come across in a store. To always make the safer choice and in order to choose the better and effective product, it is advised that you opt for the refrigerated probiotics!

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